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Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, gain lean muscle or you are happy as you are but would like a healthier lifestyle, NAZ PERFORMANCE is the right choice for you. Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their own skin, therefore, even if you are working a busy schedule, finding it hard to meet your fitness goals or would like to get fit, NAZ PERFORMANCE gives you the flexibility to reach your full potential with a variety of different online programmes.

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What if I told you the results you’ve been looking for, seemingly forever, are totally within your reach.

And you don’t have to eliminate carbs, be in ketosis, or be that person who can never go out and enjoy life. You probably don’t have to eat 1200 calories a day either.

  • You can make this fitness thing a lifestyle without letting it take over your life.


  • You can burn the fat, and get jacked and toned, without doing endless cardio and working out 5+ days a week.


  • You can quit the yo-yo cycle of making progress, then losing it. (trust me you can!)


  • And you can, and must, stop wasting your money and time on short-term fixes.

Trust me:

I Want To Help You

For the past few years, I’ve been coaching clients through training and nutrition to get the body they want without the fads, hardcore exercise programs that don’t last, without wasting money on supplements, while showing them how to make it a part of their life.

Our Achievement

Harri actually did this all while having his favourite foods practicing flexible dieting to not let his goals takeover his entire life.

Aayushi Lost 60 Pounds

Aayushi used to rely on cardio only but finally saw the changes she was after with regular strength training sessions that didn’t last over an hour. Her diet centered around basic, long-term strategy that has helped her keep the weight off.

Single mom Angela lost 34 kg from dress size 22 to 10.

Angela discovers the power for strength training and putting her nutritional need in the right place to get the result she wanted.

Alex lost 5kg over 5 weeks while rehabbing his lower back injurie

Alex ended up losing weight while rehabbing his back injurie. He focused on changing the amounts he was eating at the right times with workouts made specifically for him.  He put the CONSISTENCY into his fitness plan he was missing for years.

Vito added Muscle and Lose Fat

Vito ended up the same weight with more tone and definition by changing the amounts he was eating at the right times with workouts made specifically for him.  He put the work into his fitness plan he was missing for years.


It’s time to take action and develop consistency to see the result you want.


Do you want individualized help with nutrition and workouts for fat loss and lean muscle so you can just worry about putting in the effort?


Need someone to tweak the plan when life gets crazy, or someone to ask questions so you avoid confusion! and hold you accountable.


If it’s time for you to commit to the result you are after, then apply below.

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— Tasnima

I've been working with Naz for over a year now and I can honestly say that he is an amazing mentor and trainer. From the  get go, he has been there to help me achieve my goals and push me to go the extra mile when it comes to training. Thanks to Naz, I can confidently lift and am not anxious as I previously was to go further (and heavier) in my workouts. Naz ensures that I understand exactly what my workouts with him are targeting and how best to overcome any issues that I have faced, such as mobility and flexibility. I could not recommend him enough as a PT.

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