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MATT And Nina 

Naz was recommended by our previous PT and it was a great suggestion! We are a couple that exercises together and every session Naz pushes both of us to reach our goals. While taking into consideration our preferences, strengths, weaknesses, and most importantly, some old niggles and injuries! He is always upbeat and cheerful, and makes the sessions both enjoyable and challenging. We would recommend Naz to anyone, particularly those looking for a comprehensive and tailored approach to fitness.


— Tasnima

I've been working with Naz for over a year now and I can honestly say that he is an amazing mentor and trainer. From the  get go, he has been there to help me achieve my goals and push me to go the extra mile when it comes to training. Thanks to Naz, I can confidently lift and am not anxious as I previously was to go further (and heavier) in my workouts. Naz ensures that I understand exactly what my workouts with him are targeting and how best to overcome any issues that I have faced, such as mobility and flexibility. I could not recommend him enough as a PT.


— Camilla Lupton

I started training with Naz almost three years ago now. He was excellent at finding out my priorities, which have always been about building strength and resilience in my body. He knows exactly when and how to push me, and tailors sessions exactly to my needs. He has a magical way of making me feel energised after leaving the gym, something I never thought would be possible. I feel stronger and more toned than ever before, and Naz has equipped me with the skills and mindset I need, even offering support with diet and home training. His sessions make me feel motivated - I look forward to the gym, and the strength I have built has helped me achieve my goals in kitesurfing as well. 

Alex Ball.jpg

— Alex Ball

Naz is not your average personal trainer. Coming from a sports science background he not only knows how to achieve those coveted “big gains” but also how to do it safely. I have long suffered with a bad back so was wary of doing any exercises that would put any strain on my back. I chose Naz as my personal trainer due to his meticulous approach to rehabilitation and a focus on whole body health in his approach to training. Naz curated a programme that interwove exercises to improve my posture and address my back issues in amongst a wider plan to grow muscle mass more generally. After a year my back issues were entirely gone! I felt safe throughout the process, Naz would explain each and every aspect. I would highly recommend Naz to anyone.

Irene Zamimi.jpg

—  Irene Zamimi

Before I started training with Naz I was in a long plateau and was more likely to get injured than make any actual progress. Naz taught me the core principles of strength training so I could improve my lifts in a safe and effective way. My Deadlift went up 40kg, Squat went up 40kg, and Bench went up 22.5kg, for total of 102.5kg increase in only 5 months. I also managed to get an barbell clean  that weighed more than my own bodyweight (70kg clean with a 65kg bodyweight). I feel more confident in my ability to train and could not have gotten to where I am without Naz’s constant support and guidance.”


Harri Palmer Edwards

I initially joined Naz with the view of getting back into shape - what the process turned out to be was a complete change in lifestyle. Naz supported me from day one - the success of my transformation came from his consultative approach to training, nutrition but most of all his continuous support! He has changed my whole view on nutrition and fitness! 


Naz has completely changed the way I train since taking me on as a client. I have seen incredible results working with him for close to 3 months now. He has been extremely supportive and is always available to answer I may have. His knowledge of fitness is unparalleled and always growing. He shares his knowledge and process making it clear and enjoyable. 


My biggest achievement from working with Naz is the change in everything I do external to the gym: Focus, health, happiness, work etc - these are the key changes and cannot thank Naz enough. 


“Trust the process”

Abbey Christensen.jpg

Abbey Christensen

Before I started coaching with Naz, I was really finding it hard to gain direction in my workouts. I had no structure, and no understanding of the importance of technique and progressive overloading. Feeling this way was affecting my confidence not only in the gym, but also in my general life. I was constantly comparing myself to other woman. I was feeling consistently disappointed in myself and didn’t recognize the small victories.  

Then I realise I needed help and I reached out Naz for help. Since I started training with Naz, I can see my energy and strength improved ridiculously. My deadlift went from 60kg to 120kg without having back ache next morning. Most importantly my overall life improved. I no longer compare myself to other women. Naz would always explain the science  behind the program. His depth of knowledge in exercise science and nutrition kept me interested and motivated in my journey. He checks in regularly, even whilst I am living in New Zealand, in another time zone, and that is what I would call going above and beyond for excellent customer service.

 I cannot recommend Naz highly enough, his passion for fitness and for supporting others on their journey to a healthy mind and body is second to none. He is a constant reminder that hard work takes dedication, commitment and time, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with the role of mentoring me through my fitness journey. Naz, you are second to none, a great friend, and should be immensely proud of your character and your business.

Ben Burch.jpg

—  Ben Burch

The main reason I recommend Naz to friends and colleagues is because he's changed the way I work out. My main issue with working out was always a lack of structure and he provides a really comprehensive and holistic look at both diet and exercise which is really giving me sustainable results.


I started my training sessions with a slight ankle injury, and he's worked with it to heal and strengthen (with minimal pain) which I didn't have from previous trainer. Results have been great over the last few months - I've hit my weight loss targets and strength gains keep coming. I'm very happy with the outcome of the sessions and look to keep hitting new personal bests well into the new year.

On a personal level, he's just great fun to work with and has boundless energy to get you through sessions - very encouraging when you've had a long day at work! Couldn't recommend him enough as a trainer and all-round fitness expert. I would recommend Naz to anyone.

Gurdeep Bhogal.jpg

Gurdeep Bhogal

There are a lot of personal trainers out there but there are very few who are as knowledgeable as Naz. He has been my personal trainer for about 3 years now and it’s safe to say he has changed my entire life. Not only does he explain the science behind every nutritional and training decision that is made, he also makes sure my training routines never go stale. He is always on hand to provide support (no matter the time of day) and always offers encouraging words at the right time. Now, not only am I in a position where I can comfortably train by myself, I am often approached by others for support too. I could not recommend Naz highly enough, not only will you be getting a world class trainer, but you will also be gaining a true friend.

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