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Meal Plan to Torch Fat

Meal Plan to Torch Fat

Medical Disclaimer:

Always consult your medical practitioner, registered dietician or nutritionist before making any significant changes to your diet – particularly if you are an adolescent, pregnant, breastfeeding or have / develop a medical condition.


Whilst our meal options can help most people lose weight as part of a calorie controlled diet and active lifestyle, they have not been specifically designed for you and individual results will vary.


Where calorie and macronutrient information is provided, it is calculated using common databases. Exact values will vary, however, and so the values will only be approximations for your finished dish.


Welcome to the High Performers Meal Plan. This book will be your bible over the coming weeks! In case you didn’t know, nutrition will count for about 80% of your results. That’s right 80%!


Product Features:

  • 4 Weeks Meal plan to lose fat.
  • Shooping list/guide for whole month prep.
  • Includeing Breakfat, lunch, dinner and snacks. 
  • Each recipes comes with the macros breakdown and cooking mathods. 
  • Packed with colour photography and clear instractions.
  • 85 pages.
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    £24.00Sale Price
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